About this site

This site is my own personal mnemonic device. It is a mostly random accumulation of artistico-techno-babble that a small collection of ill-adjusted nerds like me might find useful.

Expected themes are : art, physical computing, web, music, photography, programming & perhaps some gratuitious assertions regarding my atheism and its ontological role in the forging of my constructivist epistemology. Oh well…

About me

Photo of myselfBorn in ’74. Multimedia lecturer at Collège Édouard-MontpetitAlgorithmic visual artist who was a street photo enthusiast in a past life. Public speaker & workshop host. Amateur drummer and composer.

Lives in Montreal suburbia (Longueuil, Quebec). Father of 2. Fan of girly cocktails. Started jogging… then stopped… then got back to it… then stopped again… Loves Mac & Linux. Indian food aficionado.


Now you know almost everything. If you need to know more, you can reach me by using the contact form. I will not post my email here because I’m really fed up with spam…