Yöti, The Algorithmic Portrait Artist

Yöti is an automated portrait artist that uses salvaged 1980s pen plotters to draw, on actual paper, the likeness of participants using algorithmically-generated squiggly lines. From up close, the portraits look like an abstract collection of linear markings. However, from a distance, the lines clearly reveal Yöti’s interpretation of the visitor’s visage.

Devious Autoportraits

Using only zigzagging horizontal lines, this series attempts to feature the least possible information that will still yield a recognizable face. It is the first series of portraits using larger line segments instead of the micro-segments used in previous works.

Glitchy Gnomes

These gnome images have been created by putting together a photomontage, then distorting them using a jpeg glitching tool and finally re-drawing them using a custom algorithm.


Algomaton is a first attempt at an automated portrait artist. In simple terms, it draws the visitor’s portrait using short line segments and emails it to them. 

The Truth Shall Set You… On Fire!

Julian Assange has been trapped inside the UK’s Ecuadorian embassy since June 19, 2012. Edward Snowden is stuck in Russia since 2013. Let us ask ourselves once again who benefits from governmental secrecy…


MMMM is the mobile version of a previous research project called Mmm. The idea of MMMM is to enable a group of non-musicians to create music in realtime without any prior knowledge simply by using their mobile devices.


Considering Kyle McDonald‘s art has been a source of inspiration to me, I figured his likeness might be an actual source for my art. This is the devilish result.

His Majesty

His Majesty, the Queen of fossil fuel, retrograde ideology, military spendings, secrecy, exclusion, economic dogma, scientific censorship et alii.

Baby Kim

Algorithmic interpretation of Kim Jong-un, baby version of his tyrannic father Kim Jong-il.

Putin, Snowden & Obama

Algorithmically interpreted series of portraits of Edward Snowden, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

Human Habitat

A series of algorithmic interpretations questioning the relationship between humanity and its physical and cognitive environments.

Great Minds

A series of algorithmic portraits of great minds from the XXth century. I admire each and every one of them for various reasons.


Algorithmically created portraits of Barack Obama. The generative algorithm used to draw this portrait was inspired by the NSAs worldwide clandestine surveillance program know as “PRISM”.


Mmm is an interactive installation and/or participative performance allowing 5 users to produce an original popular music piece in real time starting from a previously prepared sound canvas.


Hypnomédia is a performance and installation that tinkers with the capacity or, more accurately, the incapacity for individuals to process the vast amount of data generated by the media machine.