Les visages d’Édouard

Les visages d’Édouard is an interactive installation that continually constructs and deconstructs giant portraits of visitors via algorithmically generated lines. Using a camera and facial detection technology, the installation is constantly and actively seeking faces to draw.

The installation offers a playful experience far removed from the gloomy ways in which face detection technologies are often used.

The resulting drawings are willingly flirting with abstraction. While recognizable, portraits leave a lot of room for the brain to fill in the gaps. This perceptual illusion is inversely proportional to the distance at which the user stands from the projection. As users walk away, they get a higher and higher subjective image resolution.


The installation was created by Benoit Lavigne (hardware) and Jean-Philippe Côté (software) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Collège Édouard-Montpetit. The institution graciously provided financial and technical support.