Apache 2 .htaccess Cheat Sheet

The Apache HTTP Server is a very customizable piece of software. For newcomers, simply trying to customize a basic .htaccess file can be overwhelming. When I was tasked with teaching the basics of the .htaccess file to my students, I figured it would be helpful to hand them out a nicely edited printable cheat sheet.

I did search the web with the hopes that someone had already made one. Unfortunately, I could not find the one that was just right for my needs. So, you guessed it, I made one.

So here it is, version 1.0 of my Apache HTTP Server v2 .htaccess Cheat Sheet (pdf).

Of course, fitting every single Apache directives on one sheet of letter paper does not make much sense. I had to decide what to include and what to weed out. If you feel I omitted some important stuff, please leave a comment or contact me so I can improve it.

More information can be found regarding .htaccess distributed configuration files on the Apache website. Alternatively, you can also check out http://htaccesscheatsheet.com. It’s a nice website with a comprehensive html-based .htaccess cheat sheet.


  1. Hi,
    I’ve recently made a website with lots of ‘cheatsheet’ copy/paste codes for htaccess related stuff. I was wondering if you’d consider linking it from your own cheatsheet page? The site has no ads or anything like that, it just aims to give a simple, quick loading page with .htaccess rules.

    (I’ve included your link anyway on the site (under resources at the bottom))


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