Basic Math Cheat Sheet for ActionScript Programmers

My students do not necessarily have a strong background in mathematics. When the time comes for them to animate objects, pick out random values or manipulate hex colors using ActionScript, many are just overwhelmed. That’s why I put together this cheat sheet as a handout for them.

BasicMathCheatSheet v1.2

If your math is a bit rusty, you might find it useful too. It very briefly covers the following areas :

  • Coordinates system (x, y)
  • Angles (degrees, radians and the conversion between the two)
  • Basic trigonometry for distance, angle and position calculation
  • Random number generation
  • Binary and hexadecimal notations
  • Color manipulation (with binary arithmetic)
  • Operator precedence & associativity
  • Modular arithmetic
  • Vectors (for movement calculation)

As you can see on the preview, there is space to add some more material to the middle of the cheat sheet. Suggestions are welcome!

Download the Basic Math Cheat Sheet v1.3 (PDF version)


  1. How about for website development? Do you have any math cheat sheets for that? That would come in handy. – Layce

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