Problem with accented characters in Flash CS6 when compiling for iOS

If you keep getting an error when using Flash CS6 to compile an iOS application, you might have misplaced an accented character… It took me a looooong while to figure this one out. Let’s say you create an .fla file with an accented character in its name. I won’t ever do that again but let’s be bold… For instance, let’s create a file named Accéléromètre.fla. This is French for, as you probably guessed, “Accelerometer”. As you know, the .fla‘s name is used by default to name the ouput file. This means, in this case, that the output file will be Accéléromètre.swf. In normal circumstances, this works just fine. However, when you compile for iOS, this is trouble. You see, the output filename is also used for the ???-app.xml file and if Flash sees accented characters in that file’s name, it makes it very angry.

So, what should we do ? If you insist on having accented characters in your .fla‘s filename, simply rename the output file so it contains no accents.


You have to do that before opening the iOS Settings window. This way it will create a ???-app.xml file without accents and you will still be able to input accents in the application name afterwards. As you can see, it is also quite happy to create an .ipa file with accents in it. Go figure…


In 2013, one would expect support for accented characters to be pretty much standard but, as you can see, this is not the case yet.

Hope this helps!

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