WebMidi.js helps you tame the Web MIDI API. Send and receive MIDI messages with ease. Control instruments with user-friendly functions (playNote, sendPitchBend, etc.). React to MIDI input with simple event listeners (noteon, pitchbend, controlchange, etc.).

HPGL Library

A Node.js JavaScript module to communicate with HPGL-compatible plotters and printers.

Phidgets Library

A Node.js JavaScript module to interface with the Phidgets line of hardware boards.


TangibleKeyboard is a flexible and easy to use keyboard binding library. It allows users to attach events to key presses and key combinations without having to worry about conflicts. It is a spin-off of the nice KeyboardJS library created by Robert Hurst.


The FullScreenManager object offers a unified API for working with the experimental “fullscreen” mode of various modern browsers. As you may know, cross-browser differences complicate this matter. This library is an attempt at simplifying the developer’s job in this regard.


If you are looking for a metronome to keep precise timing in an ActionScript application, look no further. I give you: Metronome. It has a precision of ± 10 ms. (about 0.03% at moderate tempos) and never, ever drifts away from the master clock.


The AirBag library allows the pixel-precise detection of collisions amongst a list of DisplayObjects (MovieClips, Sprites, Bitmaps, TextFields, Videos, etc.). It supports the exclusion of color ranges as well as a user-definable alpha threshold below which collisions won’t be triggered. The DisplayObjects do not even have to share the same parent for the library to […]


CssLiveUpdate updates the page’s CSS styles with the textual content of the HTML element(s) it’s watching. This makes it very easy to create a CSS demo page where any CSS typed into a form field is added in the head of the page via a style tag. It is meant to be used for CSS […]


SoftKeyboard is an ActionScript 3 library that allows the creation of on-screen virtual keyboards. It extends the Feathers UI Components suite which itself is based on the Starling Framework.


The Jmulator ActionScript 3 helper library has been created to facilitate the usage of keyboard emulators (also called keyboard encoders) in ActionScript. While I mostly use it in physical computing setups, I’m sure it could be used in various other environments.


The ChromaTracker ActionScript 3 library has been created to detect and track blobs of color in any DisplayObject. It is typically used to track colors in a live video camera (webcam) feed.