The WebMidi JavaScript browser library is a piece of software that makes it easier to develop with the Web MIDI API. In particular it makes sending and receiving MIDI messages a breeze.

Phidgets Node.js Library

The phidgets Node.js library enables one to use interface boards made by Phidgets Inc. in Node.js. Phidget boards are great for sensing and controlling the physical world. This makes them ideal in physical computing projects.


TangibleKeyboard is a flexible and easy to use keyboard binding library. It allows users to attach events to key presses and key combinations without having to worry about conflicts. It includes keyboard emulator layouts for those who want to use the library in a physical computing context.


The FullScreenManager object offers a unified API for working with the experimental “fullscreen” mode of various modern browsers. As you may know, cross-browser differences complicate this matter. This library is an attempt at simplifying the developer’s job in this regard.


Metronome is an ActionScript library delivering more accuracy in the scheduling of time-based events than the native Timer object. You can use it as a music metronome or just as a precise way to schedule recurring events.


AirBag is an ActionScript pixel-level collision detection library facilitating the detection of collisions between DisplayObjects such as MovieClips, Sprites, Bitmaps, TextFields, Videos, etc.


A jQuery plugin to continually update the “style” attribute of an element with the content of another element. It facilitates the creation of live CSS demos for conferences, courses, etc.


An interactive musical performance during which audience members and artist create – in real time – an original piece of music. No musical knowledge necessary!


An ActionScript 3 library that allows the creation of on-screen virtual keyboards. SoftKeyboard extends the Feathers UI Components suite which itself is based on the Starling Framework.


An ActionScript 3 library to detect and track color blobs within any DisplayObjects. Most notably, it can be used to track zones of colour in a live video feed.


An ActionScript 3 library to simplify working with keyboard emulators (aka encoders) such as those made by Ultimarc.