Two fullscreen native windows in two monitors with Adobe AIR

How to use two fullscreen windows in two monitors with Adobe AIR

In my physical computing classes, the need often arises to display content on more than one video output (monitors, projectors, etc.) from a single AIR application. While this is certainly possible, my students often have a hard time figuring it out. This is why I put together this little tutorial. Continue reading

Accurate Timing in ActionScript

I’m currently working on a music app for tablets and needed a metronome to synchronize musical events. Simple enough, right ? Well, it turns out that creating an accurate time-reference in ActionScript is not as easy as I initially thought it would be. If you are facing similar timing problems, I encourage you to read on… Continue reading

Adobe Flash Platform

Using the Flash Platform in Physical Computing Projects

The Flash Platform is an amazing environment to develop physical computing projects. It’s easy to learn, ubiquitous, well-supported and, this might be a shocker for some people, it can be completely free. In this article, I will tell you why the Flash Platform is my goto choice for physical computing projects. Continue reading